Here are links to some other wonderful, helpful, and inspirational people and organizations (continually updated so be sure to check back):


Brandi Mackenzie –
Brandi’s system “empowers you to listen to your body, in all of it’s wisdom, and do what you need to do to feel better and live your dreams.”

Kris Carr –
Kris takes you on a wellness journey to help you live a Crazy, Sexy Life!



The Tattooed Buddha: An Evolved Dialogue –
“Although the original mission was to remove the commercialization seen in modern American Buddhism, it has turned into an open dialogue for evolved approaches for dealing with day to day living, community building, relationships, interfaith, and even arts and entertainment.

The focus of our community has become a platform for authors to express their voices without the confines of specific labeling while remaining in touch with the root foundation of non-commercialized wellness and living.

The Urban Howl –
“The Dreamer’s Revolution • Creative Ignition • Self Empowerment • World Elevation • Heart Activism • Warriors For Change • Thriving Community • Peace”



Soul Journeys –
The mission of Soul Journeys is “to uplift and inspire humanity through one day workshops, mini-workshops, spiritual counseling, spiritual healing and spiritual development courses.  SJ’s goal is to help co-create the experience of Heaven on Earth.”

Alliance of Divine Love –
ADL is an international interfaith ministry which brings together people from all background to study the concept of Love in all religions. ADL is committed to bringing the Greatest Degree of Love to the world and everyone it serves.