Services Provided

Helping Others

SHINE currently offers the following services:

  • Personal Coaching Sessions
    • These sessions are all about embracing your truth. Topics include, but are not limited to, home/family, career, relationships, “self-discovery”, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, motivation, goals, grief, parenting, etc.
    • In these sessions we work together to identify areas of struggle, pinpoint any blocks you have to making necessary changes, and then develop a realistic ‘action-plan’ to help you reach a solution.
  • Spiritual Guidance Sessions
    • Every spiritual path (or lack thereof) is welcomed at SHINE!
      Whether you are associated with an organized religion, consider yourself ‘non-practicing’, follow an alternative or ‘new-age’ path, practice the Old Ways, or are Atheist, unsure, or simply curious… no one is turned away and all paths are respected here.
    • In these sessions, if applicable, we work together to reconnect you with your Soul (inner-wisdom), your Source (the Entity/Higher Power you identify with), and your Purpose (your Truth or “Divine” mission).
    • These sessions can also be used to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with the Divine, to clarify which path is right for you, learn different techniques for communing with the Divine, or any other spiritually-related issue you bring to the table.
    • I can also be present to act as a confidante when you need to release or process something.
  • Intuitive Guidance
    I re-discovered along my own journey my gift of heightened intuition (I believe we are all born with this ability but lose touch with it over time for various reasons).  I utilize this gift during all of my sessions and can also provide specific Intuitive services upon request.

    • General Readings cover areas such Marriage/Love, Career, Finance, Spiritual, Growth, Family, Health, and forces impacting you over the coming year. These readings provide a general “feel” for the energy around you in relation to these areas and times.
    • Manifestation Readings cover information received regarding energetic patterns which indicate possible root causes for deep emotional and psychological wounds. This information comes through in a multitude of ways including visuals (images, colors), smells, and messages.
    • Dream Interpretation Readings consist of reviewing your recollection of your dream, tapping into the ‘energy-stream’, and requesting guidance to glean relevant insights or messages from your dream.**Readings are done through blending innate intuition, years of experience working as a clinician and counselor, and a technique I refer to as “tapping in” to the energy-stream which connects and effects all living beings. I receive information which I then pass along to the client. I DO NOT offer specific predictions (i.e., lottery numbers, the exact moment you’ll meet your Soul Mate, the gender of your unborn children, etc.) All information is passed on to the client without editing or filtering. I believe that it is not for me to understand… the information I receive is strictly for the client.
  • Interfaith Ministerial & Officiating Services:
    • Weddings, Handfasting ceremonies, etc.
    • Baptisms, christenings, etc.
    • Funerals
    • House blessings and all other blessings
    • Ceremonies such as openings and graduations
    • Prayer requests, meditations, etc.

Future Plans for SHINE:

  • Field Trips – SHINE will provide opportunities for people to step outside their comfort zone, try new things, and gain wisdom from experiences they may not have otherwise had.
  • Workshops and Presentations to provide opportunities to learn from, and be inspired by, some of the best speakers and teachers around.
  • Circles – Gatherings where you can meet other SHINE clients, participate in some festivities, and otherwise connect with others who may share similar thoughts, feelings, and life experiences. These gatherings can help to dissipate any feelings of ‘aloneness’ on your journey.


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