She No Longer Fears the Wolves

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She no longer fears the wolves.
She has learned how to howl and run like them.
She no longer envies the butterflies.
She has sprouted wings and lets the wind carry her where it may, unleashing her thirst for adventure.
She no longer fears the dark as her light shines brightest there.
She no longer questions where she belongs.
She is at home wherever her feet meet the Earth.

A child of Gaia, she stands firmly rooted in this body temple of hers. She reaches her arms toward the sky, welcoming the moonlight kisses on her skin. Her eyes dance with love and laughter and mischief, like a forest nymph she gleefully plays among her brother and sister trees.

The longing in her heart has been replaced with a burning desire to be ever closer to her Mother. She lays her bare flesh upon the dewy grass and lets her body sink into her Mother’s arms. Reborn, she now knows her strength lies within her own being. She is sovereign and each step she takes rings of the purity of knowing her Self.

No, she no longer fears all that she was taught to fear. She keeps them all in her garden now and the fear is not welcomed there. The moon, the wolf, the raven and owl, the shadows dancing in the cave of her Soul are her kin. She sees herself in their eyes, feels herself in the beating of their hearts, and relishes the company of Nature’s children.

For far too long she walked a path laid by others’ hands. Now her path is clear and laid by her own hands. No longer avoiding the jagged rocks, dark woods, and mountain peaks… her path drives straight through the heart of it all and it is here, where her bare feet touch the soil which was forbidden to her for so long, that she finally feels at home. It is here that she returns in her mind’s eye any time the chaos of modern life threatens to steal her peace and joy. She listens now, to the Earth and Her children, as they speak. Their songs carry her spirit and sometimes, when the moon is high and she feels called to return to the wood, you can hear her howl echo in the night.

She no longer fears the wolves, she has become them.


About shinestudios.ny

SHINE = Sharing Hope, Inspiration, and New Experiences. Using a combination of mentoring (coaching), counseling, and empowerment through creative expression, I provide a safe place where people can heal and reconnect with their purpose, renew their passion for life, and create harmony between their mind, body, and Soul. SHINE was founded by me, Tanya Tiger, on November 03, 2014. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of hands-on experience working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I am also a writer, artist, and ordained Interfaith Minister. My passion for mentoring and advocating was rekindled after the death of my youngest daughter in 2014, and my life was turned upside down. Creativity had always been an outlet for me and so I chose to take the indescribable pain of my loss and create something beautiful. Love, and rekindling joy through creativity, became my mission. In honor of my two daughters, SHINE was born. SHINE is the manifestation of the Love, Hope, and Faith I hold in my heart for everyone with whom I connect. You can find my writings here, on this blog, as well as at The Urban Howl ( and The Tattooed Buddha ( My Etsy shop is located at I am also proudly partnered with Soul Journeys (
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2 Responses to She No Longer Fears the Wolves

  1. pat maloney says:

    I love all your writing here.have been on a very long journey as well and am little by little coming into who I looking forward to being completely free..i know i am getting there..thank you, Pat


    • shinestudios.ny says:

      Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey here, Pat. Blessings to you as you continue on your path. I’m glad that my writing resonates with you.


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