Revolution begins with a questioning mind.


Often the simplest and yet most profound question, the one which acts as fuel to ignite the ember of change, is this… Why?


It is our asking of this most basic of questions which sends chills down the spines of those who would hold us hostage with fear. You can almost hear them whispering, “Oh no, they are waking up!” And they are right… we are waking up. The time of a great awakening is here and many are no longer content to sit idly by as the world around us falls into chaos and disarray. We fully realize that Revolution unto itself is a form of chaos but it is chaos with the purpose of rebirth… a resurrection of a life lived with purpose. While things may get worse before they get better we no longer have the choice to remain blind to the happenings in the world. We are all connected, on a far deeper level than many choose to believe. When harm happens to someone on the other side of the world, it happens to us as well. It is a wound to humanity, not just to the individual. This is a truth that many feel inside but cannot find the words to describe what they feel. It is time we make room for this dialogue, for these feelings, and that time is now.


For too long we have gone through life in a state of either mind-numbing ambivalence, nearly sedated by our sense of powerlessness in our own lives; or on a constant mission to avoid reality in any way possible… desperately seeking distraction. We have been sold a pack of lies, every single one of us, no matter our race, religion, color, or our dot on the map. We have been told that we don’t know what we want, that everyone’s idea of happiness and joy looks the same, and that it fits inside a pretty little box. We’re told that we must keep up with the “Jones’s or be seen as less-than. We are told that we need to fear our neighbors, mistrust our own instincts, and place other people’s guidance above our own inner-knowing because “they” know what is best for us all. We have allowed ourselves to be victimized by the very people we placed into power and yet we are directed by those very people to place the blame elsewhere.


The constant wave of misinformation we are fed has jaded us, turned us against one another, and left us confused, bewildered, and overwhelmed which is exactly where they want us to be. Because, you see, when we are afraid and confused we can be easily controlled. When we allow ourselves to be mass-distracted as they wag-the-dog we don’t notice all of the backdoor dealings and the steady decline of this beautiful world and its people. When a celebrity’s pregnancy gains more face-time than a savage genocide or the destruction of the rainforest we have a major problem. We are the walking dead. Like tin soldiers we have been falling in line, never stopping to ask if any of it is true or if it feels right within our beings. We have allowed ourselves to become hollow behind our fake smiles and “yes sirs”; towing the line of our pop-culture political circus. If you listen closely though you can hear cries of “enough!” echoing across space and time. Change is in the air and it begins with each of us.


A great reckoning is on the horizon. Many are beginning to listen to that stirring deep within, that still small quiet voice which whispers “something isn’t right here.” We have begun to ask that vital question… “Why?” Why are lobbyists running our government? Why is the government taking money away from schools to fund wars that we’ve been told ended, or to line the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies, or bail out banks? Why are the rich continuing to get richer and the poor poorer? Why is the cost of everything increasing while our salaries remain frozen in time? Why are we being fed fodder for distraction rather than what is really happening in the world? Why is the health and safety of our citizens less of a priority than already wealthy companies making an even greater profit? Why are the elected officials, who are supposed to be representing “the people,” playing Russian roulette with our wellbeing and our children’s futures? Why are we fighting one another for scraps as they dine on a feast made for a king? Why isn’t anyone paying attention!?!


It is time. With a sense of desperation in my heart, I pray that we, as a whole, wake up. This is your life. This moment, right here, is the only moment you are guaranteed. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow, and none of us are getting out of this thing called life alive, so change must happen now! If we are to survive and thrive, rather than simply exists until we cease breathing, we need to stop walking around with blinders on. We need to really see and feel what is happening to us and all around us. Every one of us hurts… there is nothing more human than that. Yes, to open your eyes and pull back the metaphorical curtain that has separated us from one another, and the world itself, can be a terrifying prospect because once you see the truth you cannot un-see it. And, once you know what is happening you are left with a choice… do something about it or knowingly and willingly fall back into line with the status quo. With knowledge comes responsibility and responsibility scares a lot of people. I say this with a fierce and passionate urgency… we can no longer be lazy and complacent in our own lives. We can no longer sit and wait to be saved. We can no longer remain sedated and ignorant to all of the wrongdoing in our lives. We must stand up, stand united, and show those who would lead us astray that we are no longer afraid and we see their lies. Not only do we see the lies but we call them out and we call them forward to make right the wrongs they have done.


I am not seeking bloodshed, nor am I seeking public humiliation of those who have led the nations of this world so far off track. In truth, we are each responsible in our own way. That can be a hard pill to swallow but with the act of accepting responsibility for our own part in this theater of pain we can also choose to change. As a catalyst for positive change I am calling for a Revolution of Love… a united world under one banner of hope, love, and promise of better days ahead. If our leaders cannot lead by example then maybe it is up to us to show them the way. By coming together and talking, making peace with our differences, and celebrating the uniqueness of every beautiful soul on this planet we can show them that it is possible to create harmony and that harmony is what we, the people, desire. The leaders of the world are ruled by money and they have allowed greed to cloud their judgment. They think that if they throw money at us we will go away and that money will fix all of our problems. They are sadly mistaken. No amount of money can save a soul or bring true peace. Yes, money is necessary but it is not the lifeblood of humanity. What the people want is fairness, equality, acknowledgement, and true freedom to live their lives the way they see fit. I grow tired of allowing money to be my master and I grow weary of watching money pull the strings of our political puppet show.


I ask you now to stand up. How can you help make this change happen… begin by educating yourselves on what is happening in the world, form your own opinions rather than simply absorb the opinions of others, and then do something… anything… to enact positive change. It does not have to be some big, earth-shattering idea or act, but it can be if that’s what aligns with you. It can be simple acts of kindness. It can begin with something as mundane as turning off the Kardashians and turning on your mind. Watch the news and read between the lines. Talk to people who are outside your common circle. Listen to the other side, even if you don’t agree. We won’t always agree and that’s ok. It’s part of being human and thinking for ourselves.


You hold within you far more power than you realize. The people in power want you to play small. They want you to stay afraid. They want you to feel like you need them to save you. Be your own hero and remember that we are all of this earth, not simply on it. We are truly connected. We need to care for ourselves, care for one another, and care for our home. Today I proclaim a Revolution of Love. Who stands with me?


About shinestudios.ny

SHINE = Sharing Hope, Inspiration, and New Experiences. Using a combination of mentoring (coaching), counseling, and empowerment through creative expression, I provide a safe place where people can heal and reconnect with their purpose, renew their passion for life, and create harmony between their mind, body, and Soul. SHINE was founded by me, Tanya Tiger, on November 03, 2014. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of hands-on experience working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I am also a writer, artist, and ordained Interfaith Minister. My passion for mentoring and advocating was rekindled after the death of my youngest daughter in 2014, and my life was turned upside down. Creativity had always been an outlet for me and so I chose to take the indescribable pain of my loss and create something beautiful. Love, and rekindling joy through creativity, became my mission. In honor of my two daughters, SHINE was born. SHINE is the manifestation of the Love, Hope, and Faith I hold in my heart for everyone with whom I connect. You can find my writings here, on this blog, as well as at The Urban Howl ( and The Tattooed Buddha ( My Etsy shop is located at I am also proudly partnered with Soul Journeys (
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